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İzmir Bilimpark 10032 Sok. No: 2/A
İTOB Organized industrial Zone
+90 850 241 13 08

We transform your Big Data from complex data blocks into understandable reports

With Machine Learning and Advanced algorithms, you can get excellent results in your projects and experience this experience.

Decentralized distributed applications are applications in which a computer (server) is not the center, ....

We create wonders by combining Arduino, PIC and other microprocessors with pc and mobile applications.

With our nearly 30 years of experience, we analyze your projects and enable your software team to develop them.

We integrate your different format data instantly and in a planned manner with windows services, web services with high performance

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Artificial Intelligence & Big Data

With our analysis projects, in which we use Artificial Intelligence and Big Data together, your data is both more understandable and combined in a nutshell with special algorithms. You use advanced filters in your reports

Mobile Payment Systems

We develop mobile applications for payment systems


Mobile Bank Payment Systems

We develop mobile applications for Bank Payment systems


Mobile Government Systems

Electronic Government Applications Development


Mobile Financial Applications

Mobile Financial Applications Development


Mobile Blockchain Applications

Mobile Blockchain Application Development


Mobile Artifical Innetligence Applications

Mobile Artifical Innetligence Application Development


Software development teams in many countries of the world

You can benefit from our uninterrupted support services

Our consultants are at your service for your investments and projects

We develop your Blockchain Projects for you

Professional Software Development Team

We are developing your Mobile, Web, Windows projects with our software team spread around the world.

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    Who Are We?

    It is a successful company that has signed many successful projects in Turkey and abroad since 1992. It started its Artificial Intelligence studies with KOSGEB-supported Aviation software in Istanbul Teknokent in 2014 and then continued these studies.

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    İzmir Bilimpark 10032 Sok. No: 2/A
    İTOB Organized industrial Zone IZMIR/MENDERES

    Contact Phone

    +90 850 241 13 08