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ASC Artificiel Intelligence

You imagine. ASC Artificial Intelligence apply.

Airmacro Cost Module and artificial intelligence helps you to remove borders. We can almost say that; you are limited to your dreams which you can do with Airmacro for your business.

Example: You want a cost to occur if the following criteria are met

Your flight is Domestic, the time between 18:00 and 06:00, in the 3rd day of the week and the landing number of the airport in the last 3 months is between 300 and 500. Passenger Security costs are generated by calculating the number of transit passengers and the number of normal passengers and also the maximum take of weight of aircraft is between 120 Tons and 160 Tons.

Airmacro is the best program on the world to calculate this cost. This is the simplest example we can provide for Airmaco.

Airmacro calculates hundreds of lines in milliseconds and gives you the result. This speed is supported by Artificial Intelligence, which has been continuously developed since 2003.

ASC is an artificial intelligence developed for Airmacro.

ASC started to be developed in 2003. Advanced Calculation Algorithms can calculate with incredible speed. ASC 2018 is the most advanced version of our artificial intelligence work.

ASC, which was introduced in Cost and Budget Calculations; interpreting tens of contracts for thousands of flights at incredible speeds; makes monthly, annual flight costs and budget calculations.

With ASC; You can convert into formulas, hundreds of events or variables related to flight and aircraft, and if you wish, you can establish nested logical algorithms and perform nested mathematical operations within them. You can use all mathematical functions.