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Generating the invoices before the flights take place.

For each flight with ASC Artificial Intelligence, the costs for the Departure and Arrival legs are created separately with the received Services names and the name of the Service company. You only enter the invoice number and dates.

Creating the annual flight budget within minutes.

With ASC Artificial Intelligence Support, you can upload your flights from Excel to the Budget system and calculate them later. It’s that easy. ASC distinguishes Budget, Proposal and Real contracts and calculates your cost by taking this into account.

Preparing offers quickly, without missing any details.

Offer contracts can be entered separately to ASC Artificial Intelligence. The system looks at these contracts for the offer and creates costs for the flights you have requested. Depending on these costs, you will submit the offer letter to the customer. It’s so easy to bid

Creating CO2 The Emission Report.

For the CO2 Emission Report does not require extra workload. If Flight Log data is entered, you can get this report in any format.

Returning of the investment in a very short time

With the ASC Artificial Intelligence Support; a lot of faulty invoices are detected which you cannot manually detect in the flight invoices. High Credit provides return.

For examples: The complex costs formulas that requires for Cycles, Weight and Time Period calculates in milliseconds.

Comparing planned and actual costs

In the planning phase of ASC system; create the calculation of the total cost for the service will get from the companies.

After getting the latest invoices ASC system compare the difference of the planning and actual costs and can get the reports for the comparison.

Having Pivot reporting feature, as well as very rich reporting format.

Rich reporting options are available. Can save different report designs. You can view your report in different designs. Export to any format you want to share with other systems or people.

Seamless integration with webservice

Export and Import feature in desired format. All data can be exported and imported.

No need Expertise.

With ASC Artificial Intelligence Support contracts are created only once and artificial intelligence automatically performs the necessary operations.

Integration with SITA ve ARINC.

Many data flows automatically into the system. Some SITA messages are generated and  sent automatically by the system and incoming replies are automatically saved to the system. The user certainly does not interfere with these processes. Error level is minimum.

You don’t have only one program when you buy.

Airmacro is used in different countries of the World. Experiences from all these user networks are shared with other users. With these networks; Airmacro renews itself every day without you noticing; many additional features that you may need in the future are automatically added to the system.

Airmacro is sufficient for all processes for your busşness.

One of the important features of Airmacro is that it is ERP software. With Flight Planning, Cost, Budget, Crew Planning, Dispatch, Quality etc. modules offers a fully integrated solution.

It is easy to use.

In the 14-year development cycle, with recommendations from the user’s network; the end-user interfaces have been designed in a simple and user-friendly manner. During use, dozens of threads in the background work to facilitate your process.

Integrated work with SAP and similar systems.

It works integrated with many ERP software. In any requirement need integration with an unknown ERP software; with the short-term integration work the integrated could be done.

You should use AIRMACRO for more...

In this way, you will see the high added value that your business provides.

If you join the AIRMACRO family you will find more. 

Cost and Invoice Cash Flow

Artificial intelligence; creates payment plans based on date, company and currency. With this plan, you can analyze your cash flow in any date range and plan your investment and foreign exchange planning in the most profitable way.

Budget Cash Flow

Artificial intelligence; creates budget plans based on the date, company and currency. With this plan, you can analyze your cash flow in any date range and plan your investment and foreign exchange planning in the most profitable way.

All companies are planned in minutes according to payment terms.

Artificial intelligence; plans hundreds of companies in minutes with supplier agreements. It creates payment plans with detailed, fragmented payment methods and many more features.